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Last month I worked with a 360 video crew out of New York, KonceptVR, on a series of on location 360 degree videos for Conde Nast Traveler. We did Fogo Island, Cape St Mary’s, kayaking at Cape Broyle with both Stan Cooks. We visited the Lamanche suspension bridge, Signal Hill, Cape Spear, Quidi Vidi and also filmed St John’s and some of the NE Avalon via helicopter, including Cape Spear. With Iceberg Quest we took a Zodiac out into Freshwater Bay to film a small iceberg and also used a remote controlled trolley to capture 360 videos of Gower St.

Newfoundland #1 in Conde Nast's Joy Index!
Newfoundland #1 in Conde Nast’s Joy Index!

You can see some of the work here where Newfoundland made Conde Nast Traveller’s Joy Index. Check it out you can fly over St John’s and have a look around. It’s pretty cool!

Flying over St John's with Universal Helicopters
Flying over St John’s with Universal Helicopters

I had three jobs here. Still photography for CNTraveller, behind the scenes shots and I also had to appear in front of the camera several times. I’ve been doing more and more behind the scenes work over the last few years and in the last several months I’ve done about a dozen movies, TV shows and commercials. I must say I like the work and hope to do more in the future!

KonceptVR's Joergen Geerds testing the rig
Joergen testing the rig on Gower St

Joergen from KonceptVR testing the rig on Gower St. On it are two Panasonic GH5 cameras each equipped with a Entaniya 250 degree fisheye lens. 360 photography and video (with it’s added VR, virtual reality capabilities) is an technology on the rise. It is a well suited to social medial and the internet and has a great future in the medium! Looking forward to being a part of that future!

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