Need Portraits and Headshot’s? We come to you!
Brian Carey Portraits

Need Portraits and Headshot’s? We come to you!

Need Portraits and Headshot’s? We come to you!

I’ve been going into businesses to do portraits and headshots at their place of work for about 15 years now. Over that time I’ve put together a kit which gives me the soft wrap around light I want with a minimum footprint. My set doesn’t take up much space and I can work in an area around 8′ x 10′. Many companies have a boardroom and this is great spot for this work. However a location like a warehouse, providing it is comfortable (heated), works great too. Going to your location is a great use of your time because there is no extra travel involved, no complex scheduling. You can usually cover a small staff in less than 3 hours and you’ll have a consistent look which is often very important for galleries on websites for example.


Portraits and Headshots by St John's Newfoundland photographer Brian Carey
Portraits and Headshots

Some recommendations for preparation for your business portrait session:

  • Choose clothing that fit your body. Loose clothing is something you usually
    want to avoid.
  • Make sure your clothes are clean and pressed. Especially shirts.
  • Solid colors are best. No logos, stripes or patterns.
  • A lint roller is a great idea. Things such as pet hair will show on peoples clothing especially if they wear dark colors. We usually have one with us.
  • Bring an extra shirt. Just in case!
  • Clean shaven.
  • Have hair cut or styled before the session. 
  • Have someone available to look after peoples hair and makeup. A
    professional hair and make-up artist is recommended.

This prep will save you time and money. The sessions will take less time and move along faster and smoother and there should be less editing and post work. Best advice is never to rely on doing things or fixing them in Photoshop. We want you to look your best!


Portraits and Headshots by Brian Carey Photography


If you’d like to see more of my headshot and portrait work follow this link,  And if your looking for an experienced photographer who is committed to delivering to you the best possible content please give me a call. My # is (709) 769 7990 or email:

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Brian Carey Portraits
Brian Carey Portraits