Wood Magazine

It’s exciting when one of the largest magazine publishers in the world calls you about a job. It’s even more exciting when it’s a article about a local woodworker. I’ve always had a lot of respect for craftsman, someone who takes the time to perfect what they do and is always looking to advance their technique and style. It’s a labour of love, one in which many personal benefits can be found. For me these are the true artist.

When Wood Magazine called and asked me to photograph Mike Hayes for a special publication they were doing on home workshops I was delighted. I’ve tried my hand at woodworking over the years and have a lot of appreciation for what it takes to become a master-craftsman. It takes years of dedication to develop the skills and understand the finer details to be good at any craft.

The article is entitled “recipe for a small shop” and is featured in the 2013 edition of America’s Best Home Workshops.

Wood Magazine St John's Newfoundland Photography

As a photographer I consider myself a craftsman, always looking to improve my technique and knowledge as I enjoy the pleasure of a changing visual style. It’s a labour of love! I would like to thank Mike Hayes for being so great to work with. Also it was a pleasure working with the Better Homes and Gardens, Wood Magazine team.



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